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Can 1500 Rubber Bands Snap an iPhone 7 Plus?

What’s up guys, we have an iPhone 7 Plus in jet black this is a beautiful iPhone 7 Plus I got to tell you a lot of people have been recently telling me why do I keep using the matte black iPhones well here you go it’s polished it shines the jet black and it’s a plus, not a regular it’s actually 256 gig – guys, I I’ll show you for all those who don’t believe me so guys in this video I want to see how many rubber bands does it take for the housing of this iPhone to possibly do something extreme we already know the iPhone 6, or so you know that aluminum is a lot weaker the iPhone 7 is a lot stronger. We’re going to see what happens and at what point will the iPhone possibly Bend or maybe even break let’s see.

Just check the whole video.

Via | TechRax

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