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10 Tricks iPhone 6S

Between 25 and 25 September , over 13 million people have taken delivery of the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus Apple , making the release of the iPhone this year the most successful in American society . The pace may be a little ‘ slower than they had been the launch of the iPhone last year – despite the phone is not yet available in China , in 2014 Apple sold 10 million iPhone and 6S 6 Plus one week of pre – orders – but there is no doubt on the large demand for the latest iPhone from Apple. And rightly so , the 6S and 6S Plus mark what will likely be the biggest upgrade that line iPhone has ever seen.
With all these iPhone 6S and 6S Plus they find their paths to reach the hands of users , and with tens of millions to follow in the coming months , it is time to ensure that users understand the new features available in the iPhone this year .
The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus carry a wide range of new features that will require even more hardcore fans of the iPhone a little ‘ getting used to . From today people will find new features even in the weeks and months ahead . So where should you start ? From here naturally .
We spent several days with the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus , and these are the 10 best tips and tricks that we can offer :


In the app camera , enable or disable ‘ live picture ‘ by tapping the center of the menu bar at the top . The ‘ live pictures ‘ is surely an elegant feature , but anyone with a 16GB iPhone or iPhone 6S Plus should consider disabling it because the resulting files take up more space than the normal pictures .


The new iPhone include some new moving background that moves when you press firmly on them to lock the screen . Did you know that you can create your own background in motion ? Simply set up a ‘ live picture ‘ as their screensaver and you’re done .


It is not boring when you tap a link in an application to open a page in Safari , and then it turns out that we do not want to read it? With the 3D Touch , if you tap and hold on a link in any supported app is the ability to ‘ peek ‘ the web page in a window above the application. If you want to continue reading , simply press firmly to ‘ wrest ‘ page already open .


Firmly press the photo of a contact in any application and Apple will open a menu of quick actions that can call, text or e -mail to the contact. Try it in the app contacts and display in the main list of the conversations in the app messages .


The menu quick actions is one of the key elements of the 3D Touch , and the menu for the Apple Maps app is particularly useful . Pressing hard on the icon of the app Maps , you’ll see four options , including ‘ Send my location ‘ and ‘ direction home ‘ .


About 3D Touch , there is a downside to all this press and scroll: oil-resistant coating on the display of the new iPhone could disappear faster than it normally does . To consume less oleophobic coating browse to Settings> General > Accessibility > 3D Touch , then scroll down until Sensitivity 3D Touch and bring it to light . That means no more having to press hard to trigger actions of 3D Touch as ‘ peek ‘ , ‘ uncorked ‘ and quick actions .


This is definitely one of the most important suggestions in the list . Press and hold down firmly on the keyboard , in any application , it will turn it into a ‘ touch pad ‘ [similar to the mouse inside of laptops , ed ] and then slide your finger around to control the cursor . Press even stronger will serve to highlight the words . Keep in mind that this feature only works with the Apple keyboard and not with applications of third-party keyboard .


Whenever Apple updates iOS , puts more new features in its camera application . When you want to make a video and the app opens in photo mode square , it can be annoying to have to scroll to switch modes . With the iPhone 6S , simply you press down firmly on the icon of the app camera and a menu of quick actions will allow you to open the application and to immediately make a selfie , a video , record a slow motion or take a normal photo with the rear camera .


In any screen of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus just hit hard on the left edge and slide towards the center of the screen to open the mode that allows you to quickly change the application . Continue to scroll to the right edge to switch back and forth between the last open applications .


The best advice we can give to the owners of the new iPhone 6S is to explore the often 3D Touch . Press firmly on most pre-installed app Apple will open a menu of quick actions , and many third-party applications support the same mode, so be sure to try these . Over time, developers will continue to enhance the 3D Touch to constantly find new features . Do not be shy , try the 3D Touch as you can.

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