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10 Tips and Tricks

10 Tips and Tricks

iPhone 5s Tips and Tricks

Have you ever wondered how to save on the battery life of your iPhone, protect it with a password or make better pictures? We have collected the 10 best tips and tricks to making this guide to help Apple iPhone 5s.

1. Close multiple applications simultaneously

10 Tips and Tricks

Closing multiple apps simultaneously

Close applications on iOS 7 is a matter of double-tapping the home button of your iPhone and
scrolling through the app side up (swipe).
This works to close several applications at once.

2. Send an e-mail attachment

Email attachment

Email attachment

The Adding an email attachment is a trick hidden in iOS. To use, hold

hold your finger in the body of the email and a pop-up menu will insert a photo or a video

3. Off motion sickness

10 Tips and Tricks


Toggle cinetosi iOS 7

If you find in iOS 7 animations do not like, you can solve the problem by going to

Settings> General> Accessibility> Reduce Motion> Off

“Reducing movement” is a new toggle which allows to reduce the effects, for those suffering from the disorder of motion sickness, disorder “neurological that some feel as a result of displacements or irregular rhythm of the body during a motorcycle, for example in the swing, about a carousel, or during travel by means of transport such as ship, automobile, airplane, etc ”                           source Wikipedia

4. Adjust the screen brightness and more

10 Tips and Tricks

Adjust brightness

The new Control Center in iOS 7 allows you to adjust a number of different functions through a

facilitated menu. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen

iPhone to switch from Wi-Fi turned on to off, play music and change the screen brightness

5. Hold the phone on “do not disturb” during meetings

10 Tips and Tricks

Do not disturb iOS 7

The iPhone in DND mode prevents you from receiving notifications at certain times of

day. It will save you from all sorts of embarrassment during conference calls office, for

block calls selected tap Settings> Do Not Disturb, and then adjust the options

at your leisure.

6. Take better photos with burst mode

10 Tips and Tricks

Burst mode

Thanks to the practical burst mode, iOS 7 now allows you to take multiple pictures simultaneously and then pick the best shot among those snapped. Just hold your finger on the shutter or the volume-up button on the side of your iPhone.

7. Add a new fingerprint

10 Tips and Tricks


The easiest way to protect your phone from any unwanted intrusion is to create a password. Thanks to iPhone 5S Touch ID, you can now use your fingerprint to unlock your phone – as well as the usual string of numbers. You will be asked to store a print on your iPhone 5s as soon as you turn on for the first time, but you can add more through                                                                   Settings> General> code and Fingerprint> Fingerprint> Add a fingerprint.

8. Save battery life with App Refresh

10 Tips and Tricks

App refresh

Applications that constantly check new emails and notifications can gradually reduce the battery life. To limit the frequency of aggiornarmento of apps and content in the background when you go to Settings> General> Background App Refresh.

9. Slow motion video

10 Tips and Tricks

Slo-Mo iPhone 5S

If you want to record the perfect moonwalk on your iPhone, then you can now do this in the settings fotocameradi iPhone 5s. Just scroll of Slo-Mo in the coil of camera settings to capture video in 8 seconds.

10. Set the text auto-reply

10 Tips and Tricks

Text Response iOS 7

A text message autoresponder is useful if you want to politely refuse a call.
By going to Settings> Phone> Reply with text you can customize a message of non-standard type: ‘I was abducted by aliens! Send help.

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