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10 Tips and Tricks for Your New iPhone / iPod

If you are a new user who took the new iPhone 4s or iPad for a very short time you will wonder what you really need to start. Since the birth of iOS 5 things have slightly changed, this sort of mini-guide may be helpful to those who are not the first weapons but needs a little refresher general.

10 Tips and Tricks for Your New iPhone / iPod

First I would say to start with the Home button that being the only button on your device allows you a myriad of tasks that will open a very special world.

1. How does the Home button: navigation, multitasking, Accessibility, Restart, Restore and DFU.

10 Tips and Tricks for Your New iPhone / iPod


As mentioned earlier it is the only button on the display of your iDevice and its use can activate various functions from the most simple to the very complex. The simplest is the one that gives it its name, in fact, a single press, it immediately returns to the home screen, regardless of whether you are in a page in Safari or while using an app, while a single click to activate the Home screen search system similar to Spotlight.

Double-clicking allows you to activate the multitasking that will allow you to move between apps, left in the background, or to close the same while pressing down. When pressed, you can open the voice control in those devices more “old” as the iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4, or launch SIRI if you have a new iPhone 4S. Pressing the Home key in combination with the Power will restart your device or put it in DFU mode to restore from iTunes.

2. Typing tips and keyboard shortcuts for iPhone and iPad.

10 Tips and Tricks for Your New iPhone / iPod


For those who wonder why typing “knows” when you send a text message or writing a text comes out “I’m Coming” here comes the keyboard shortcuts for iOS, a simple way to write a few letters and find yourself in a complete sentence a few clicks. To add new ones you can just get in General / Keyboard / Abbreviations.

3. How to protect your iPhone or iPad with a lock code.

10 Tips and Tricks for Your New iPhone / iPod

Perhaps many of you do not know it, but you can protect your personal information by placing a simple 4-digit PIN that will be required each time you turn on or activate your iDevice. This is very convenient for those who do not want their device to be used by others. To enable this feature you can just access the settings / General / Passcode Lock and activate the function by entering the PIN.

4. How to take a screenshot with your iPhone or iPad.

10 Tips and Tricks for Your New iPhone / iPod

Another procedure extremely simple to perform is to capture a screenshot on your iOS device, you can just press it at the same time the Home button and the power button for a split second to capture everything that happens on your iDevice, be it a bug to want report or a particular moment of a FaceTime video call. Shooting just realized will end in your camera roll.

5. Share a photo or a video made with the iPhone or iPad.

10 Tips and Tricks for Your New iPhone / iPod

In the previous step we have explained how to capture a simple screenshot from your iOS device, now we see how to share with your friends or with whom you want a photo, a video or a screenshot made with the iDevice. Simply enter images and select the album or your camera roll, once decided where to take the picture or video you have to touch the key action and select the files you want to share, this is done select the option share and choose whether share it via email, tweet, message, or print directly to a printer with AirPrint.

6. How to set up iMessage and FaceTime on iPhone or iPad.

10 Tips and Tricks for Your New iPhone / iPod

If your friends or your family have a recent iOS device you can save considerably the rates of telephone operators, because as you well know, Apple offers a range of services for video calls and texting between iDevice totally free. The first service of which we speak is that iMessage messages via the native app allows you to send a kind SMS to all those people who have a device that supports it. Unlike when you send a simple text message the send button is colored light blue (for different phone from iPhone button is green) to indicate that your contact can “iMessaggiare” with you.

Another service offered by Apple’s FaceTime, too reserved for video calls between iOS devices to work requires a WiFi connection to activate it, simply insert the first time the SIM card in your phone or in the case of the iPad enter settings / FaceTime and activate the switch to ON. The cost of the first activation is approximately 0,30 € which corresponds to the sending of an SMS International. This cost does not depend on Apple, but by Italian operators who “impose” this small but annoying outlay only the first activation of FaceTime without further (if the service remains active) additional costs. Be careful to turn off FaceTime, because apparently some operators climb 30 cents each time deactivated and reactivated the service.

Without this small but necessary premise, FaceTime is really comfortable and well made and allows video calls to all iDevices that support this feature.

7. How to use Siri on iPhone 4S.

10 Tips and Tricks for Your New iPhone / iPod

As owners of the new iPhone are well aware, the currently-SIRI is not available in Italian and unfortunately we await with confidence the first months of 2012 for this service is in perfect working here too. But all those like me who have taken the 4S will have noticed by now that the potential of this new feature are really large enough to allow us to use our iPhone in a totally different from what we have done to date. SIRI can manage all features of this phone in a simple and intuitive and its IA appears to fit perfectly to the context in which it is located, and never get into trouble. We only hope that Italian users will soon enjoy these improvements that are the real novelty of the new mobile phone made in Cupertino.

8. Create a WiFi hotspot with your iPhone.

10 Tips and Tricks for Your New iPhone / iPod

If your data plan let you do it, you can create a Hotspot WiFi  with your iPhone to connect an iPad or PC / Mac. To enable this feature you can just go into settings and the third item you’ll find Personal Hotspot. If this item is not try to go into Settings / General / Network and magically should appear.

Before you use this feature, I suggest you check whether your provider provides additional costs for use of the service.

9. Come guardare i video Flash su iPhone o iPad.

10 Tips and Tricks for Your New iPhone / iPod

Here we come to the real Achilles heel of iOS devices, Flash Player. Many criticize Apple for choosing unusual not to support Flash movies on their devices, but aside from the fact that it is right or not to implement this policy, we see how to get around the problem. Many sites now recognize the navigation device with iOS and automatically convert the video into HTML5, but if you can not access a website for you key you can try various alternative browsers available in the App Store, even if none of this solves the problem permanently. This unique solution is to hope that more and more growing number of iDevice that sail for the web, all sites to be converted to support “welcome” to Apple.

10. How to update or restore the software on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

10 Tips and Tricks for Your New iPhone / iPod

One of the most important new features of iOS 5 is certainly the ability to upgrade our device without necessarily being connected to a PC / Mac (OTA). This feature is particularly useful when we are out of home and want to update our iDevice but do not have a computer to do it. Obviously for this to happen we have to be connected to a WiFi network or be in a zone covered by our 3G network operator.

In addition to updating we can also reset the device if it has a more or less serious problem that prevents it from working properly. Recovery can take place either from backup (iCloud), or as a new device.

We advise you to check the status of your battery before proceeding with the update / restore to not end up with a discharge device in mid operation.

Here we are at the end of this guide or collection of useful tips. Many of you will give these things for granted but we hope that at least some of you may be useful to better enjoy their experience with his new Apple device.

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