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Taiwan earthquake affects TSMC chip production

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We all know that TSMC is one of the largest manufacturers of semiconductors in the world. It is the second supplier to Apple after Samsung, which seems to tend to reverse the medium term. However, the recent earthquake that shook southern Taiwan earlier this month has caused so much damage that will affect the industry production.
There is still no definite number to talk about the real scale of the problem, but they were 116 dead and many more injured in the earthquake of 6.4 degrees. Putting into perspective, the company is one of the two chip makers iPhone 6s and is rumored to be the only one manufacture the Apple iPhone 7 A10.
TSMC initially said it could recover 95 % of its production capacity within two or three days, and that this break would only mean a loss of 1 % of its production in 2016. However, now Digitimes says the company announced there is more damage than expected in one of its chip factories.
This is confidential information, but as always filtered. So probably see it fall on the stock exchange, and offering tax results of Q1 2016 lower than expected. While optimists say, the impact will be relatively small numbers.
So this news overland throws rumors that Apple will choose the chip manufacturer TSMC and A10, and not because they were false, nor because it is the fault of TSMC. But despite a natural disaster it has occurred, if the company fails to re- produce what Apple needs to be tough for Tim Cook decides to bet on them when Samsung is working at full capacity smoothly. We will see how the problem as the months pass and we continue to receive reports of Taiwanese.

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