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Lightning EarPods: Apple recommends Lightning Dock for Charging an iPhone 7

lightning earpods

Apple introduced the new Bluetooth AirPods for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus during his Keynote. However, the company also introduced an EarPods Lightning and headphone adapter third.

The new wireless AirPods are sold separately and cost 179 €, so … How can a user charge iPhone in July while listening to music with EarPods Lightning? Apple’s response: the Lightning Dock.

lightning earpods

The Lightning Dock Apple has priced between 39 $ and 49 $ and included a 3.5-millimeter jack in its structure.

This seems to be the only solution since Appleplans expected that if Apple launched an EarPods Lightning or Lightning adapter EarPods also would venture with wireless charging, but his presentation left us completely.

lightning earpods

Not only they launched an AirPods with a spectacular design but also launched two new accessories included in the iPhone 7: an adapter for headphones and an EarPods Lightning.

But it is not too uncomfortable for users having to leave the iPhone 7 on a loading dock while listening to music on their EarPods Lightning? It’s too much. When Apple does things well, we are the first to say, but when done wrong … admittedly.

lightning earpods

The only thing I can think of that has happened in the Cupertino company is that its officers wishing that consumers choose to buy new (and great otherwise) AirPods Bluetooth to charge iPhone 7 in a normal and current when a battery is low. What do you think you / as children / as? Was it a mistake? Do you think that Apple planned to implement wireless charging when they devised their EarPods Lightning?

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