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The iPhone 8 will have the Major Redesign To Date According to this new Patent

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The iPhone 8 every day is closer than our hands, and while we wait for his arrival, rumors have not ceased. Now, according to a new patent, the iPhone 8 from Apple would have a design is totally different from what we have seen so far in a smartphone.

If you want to know more about this, here we left you all the details.

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A very interesting patent

iphone 8 patent

Apple has patented this Tuesday a method to include light sensors directly on the screen of the device. All this information is based on what we have seen in the office of patents and trademarks of the United States.

This patent, which is registered under the no. 9.466.653, could be an important step on the part of the of Cupertino to create the first iPhone without bezels. According to a note on the patent, the systems of ambient light sensors are always separated from the screen of the device, and despite the fact that this helps to produce phones simply, get useful space.

In fact, reports suggest that Apple would be looking for a way to implement this design because it has proposed to install light sensors directly on the layer of the screen. This layer would by now have the necessary components to feed these sensors, as reported by AppleInsider.

iPhone 8 without bezels

iphone 8 bezels

In the end, all of this results in a new way of attaching these light sensors to the terminal, which help the iPhone to detect levels of ambient light that is around you. Apple describes that this technology could also be used for the proximity sensors and any other sensor.

This is not the first patent that makes us think that Apple is planning to launch an iPhone without borders on your screen. Last week the company patented a method to integrate the fingerprint sensor directly in this device.

Maybe these patents don’t say it explicitly, but everything seems to point to an upcoming iPhone 8 without bezels. Currently, the iPhone possessed in the upper and lower edges of the home button, touch id, speaker, camera and sensors of brightness.

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However, to get to this point, the company would still need to find a way to include the front camera and speaker on an iPhone that has no bezels. If the rumors are true and the iPhone 8 is intended to be released in 2017, we are sure that Apple will find a way to include them sooner rather than later.

What do you expect from this new iPhone 8? Leave your answer in the comments!

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