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The iPhone 8 will be bigger than ever

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The rumors about the iPhone 8 won’t stop running like wildfire by specialized pages: if we had already speculated on the OLED Display Curve, the more than possible wireless charging pad of your battery, the use of innovative materials in their manufacture or Screen without edges with virtual home button, today it has released their sizes: Apparently the iPhone 8 will be bigger than ever.

And is that contrary to what was said, there will be no three models of iPhone 8, depending on their size but only two, that yes, they will break all the schematics? Because the new iPhone 8 COULD BE 5 and 5.8-inch respectively. A lot older than what we had become accustomed to date with their versions of 4.7 and 5.5-inch of iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S.

Sources indicate that the design of the iPhone 8 is almost closed, and as you can see, it smells great revolution in relation to previous models – the current aesthetic began in 2014 -. Apple plans to revolutionize the market and a Final coup effect.

The Secret is in the screen

So far, many manufacturers have tried a smartphone without edges, but still, no one has done it completely. For Apple theoretically shouldn’t be a problem to integrate both the home button on your display as the front camera, although you already have some patents registered in this regard to achieve to be the first.

iphone 8 rumors

It’s not the first time that it has been speculated that Apple iPhone to create a larger size. But it is now when it is known that the iPhone 8 won’t have edges when everything makes sense. The reason is that a significant increase in the screen off 0.3-inch in his diagonal will not lead to a change in your chassis. In addition, its curved structure will facilitate the task.

The demand for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has surpassed all expectations so far, but analysts anticipate that the next year will be even more successful trajectory for the iPhone commercial, which users are eagerly awaiting new designs on your hardware. Also, its biggest size will allow for greater permeation in Asian markets, with a preference for the devices of great size.

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