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iPhone 8 Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus Camera Test

All right guys welcome today we are doing the iPhone 8 Plus vs. iPhone 7 Plus camera comparison now throughout this whole video all the 8 Plus shots will be on the right-hand side, and only 7 Plus on the left-hand side.

We’re going to start off this video is at the start we’re gonna have one part which all videos and I will be talking throughout those videos switching the audio between the two phones you can get an inside on both of the mics, and I’ll have an indicator to show that but also at the last part of the video part 2, I will have all the photos that I did take with both phones compared next to each other as well now these videos are all shot at 4k 30 frames a second obviously downscale to 1080p for this video.

Thank you for watching if you guys have enjoyed the video share it around with your friends, and if you haven’t seen the iPhone 8 Plus first iPhone 7 Plus speed test also check that out.

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