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The future iPhone could be built in sapphire

One of the reasons why the next iPhone is long awaited is by its tenth anniversary. For This, it is expected that the materials used for its construction are better than usual. The majority of users have in mind that this new facility will be made of glass. However, Apple could have an even more interesting material under the sleeve.

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A new patent posted this Thursday indicates that Apple I could use a material more premium. The patent entitled “Laser Polishing Ceramic material”, shows us a way of polishing ceramic components using lasers, and insinuates that it could be the material of choice to build the iPhone X.

Interesting stuff

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It may be that the word “Ceramics” brings you to mind the typical stuff from China, but the pottery you speak of Apple in this report may be quite different. The components mentioned “could be formed by a transparent ceramic material, such as the sapphire, zirconium or any other similar material”.

The Sapphire is one of the toughest material when it comes to building a mobile device and also quite difficult to scratch. For this reason, it is usually used in the chambers of many high-End Terminals, although in these cases are often mixed with more components for greater transparency. This item would be a good alternative to other materials such as polycarbonate. However, Large-scale production is pretty complicated, besides the fact that such material would also need to be polished by lasers if we get carried away by what is described in the patent.

New iPhone coated sapphire

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This method to polish through the use of lasers is something quite new, but what’s interesting is coming to be seen in the illustrations of the patent. These show us an iPhone with screen of sapphire, moreover also appears the rear, the buttons and the lens of the camera of the same material. There is no doubt that, if possible, its production, this iPhone would be one of the toughest phones from the market in all respects.

However, it is highly unlikely to occur this device. If we take into account the infrastructure that has formed Apple in recent years, switching to a completely different material for all models of the iPhone seems an idea a bit unreal.

On the other hand, one of the patents of Apple published in August 2016 describes a way of covering the glass with a layer of resistant sapphire. The patent also suggests that this would be the method used in the OLED Display of the next iPhone.

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As with all the patents of Apple, there’s no promises or guarantees that the technology described there is going to be used in the near future. The iPhone of ceramic sapphire could be just a concept. However, it is important to emphasize that Apple was exploring the ceramic materials for use in the components of their iPhones, according to a patent in 2015.

What material do you think Apple will use for your next device? Leave your answer in the comments!

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